Discover Your Niche And Get Clarity On Your Why


Save years of mistakes and thousands of dollars by discovering your ideal lifestyle business in under 60 minutes with our famous Niche Matrix. 


Who Is This Training For?

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#1: People wanting to quit their jobs and start over

Discover how to find the best business model for YOU + the products / services that are perfect for you due to your life story and career history.

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#2: Business owners wanting to refine their offering 

Been kicking a dead horse of a business for far too long? Need to refine your offering and target market, again? This process is perfect for you.

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#3: Professionals wanting to become online coaches

Sick of having a boss telling you what to do? Want to choose your location and hours? Convert your career to an online business now!

Here's What You'll Get In This Training...

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The Niche Matrix worksheet will show you where to start for the best returns for your effort in the long journey to come.

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An idea on it's own is worthless. Use our templates to design, launch and scale with our proven business growth strategies.

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We've been coaching and building businesses for over 10 years now. If it's out there, we have it to share with you.

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If you attend a workshop, then you'll meet others on the same journey. We offer accountability groups too!.

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Time is money. There's no need to stress yourself into a panic. We'll show you the chilled and easy way.

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Stay's life story will inspire you to quadruple your vision and aim far higher than you currently allow yourself to do.

Ready To Get Started?

Choose from a mini course, a full day workshop, or take it to the next level and work one on one with Stacy each week.


Discover The Top 3 Entrepreneur Secrets For 2020 That Supercharge Your Business

We eat sleep and breathe business here at POVAR. Here's the 3 key secrets that will make your journey the best possible.

Secret #1: You Don't Need Tons Of Cash To Start A Great Business

  • Learn how The 4 Hour Work Week and The Lean Startup plus many more suggest this ultra lean method. 
  • Discover how to use free social media to build a paying tribe of people you love.
  • Learn how to access free venues for seminars, workshops and meetings that impress.
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Secret #2: You Don't Have To Be The Best To Be Successful

  • Learn the secret of the coaching world that no one gets to know until the become a coach.
  • Discover how to identify who needs you now, and how to get them to pay.
  • And learn how your Micro Niche is the key to long term success with a lifestyle business.

Secret #3: You Can Use Proven Templates For Everything! 

  • You can build webinars, workshops, online courses and key note talks all off one model and a few tweaks.
  • No matter how your business ends up being structured, you don't need to reinvent the wheel.
  • If you know who to follow in the business world, you can combine most of their free stuff to solve almost any problem you encounter.
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What People Have To Say About Discovering Their Niche

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Irene Nichols

Branding Specialist

"I was able to combine everything I loved about my life with my greatest skill set AND earn money by combining it all together! Requires a special craft and POVAR have it figured out! Recommend for anyone not sure on their business direction - a great kickstart!"

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Jason Henderson

Traveling chef

"Doing the Discover Your Niche process with Stacy enabled me to triple my income in 6 weeks and be more in demand than in the previous 24 years as a chef. Total game changer."

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Reggie Mars

Digital Entrepreneur

When I completed the program with Stacy I was literally in tears. He has a way of listening through all my baggage and pulling out what is so clearly my true calling of my life. My clients and I will be forever grateful."

Ready To Get Started?

Choose from a mini course, a full day workshop, or take it to the next level and work one on one with Stacy each week.


Would You Love To Be A Sought After Person In Your Community?

Nothing feels better than being wanted by everyone you know for things that make a difference in their lives...

Think of the most popular people you know... What do they offer to you and your community? What value to they bring to events or how do they actively solve problems for those they know?

We all have people in our lives who we think of for certain problems that come up every now and then.

So what is it that you bring to the table for your community? Who are you known as?

Exploring these beautiful questions and getting clear on the results is a highly valuable step in designing your online lifestyle business.

Why bother spending years building a new profile when you've spent the past decade building one already? One based on the things you are naturally good at and probably love doing too!

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- Do What You Love In Service Of Those Who Love What You Do -

Meet Stacy, Your Instructor

His rags to riches story will inspire you

From a poor upbringing wrecked with crime, drugs and suicide, it was no surprise that Stacy was a broke and lonely alcoholic at age 28.

But within 5 years he had mastered his industry and built 2 successful businesses that enabled him to retire and travel the world.

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His journey will guide you

Stacy says there were three key things he did that enabled him to master his life. 

He now runs workshops and speaks at events across Australia with the sole purpose of helping others retire early like him.

His training will set you free!

Now, 10 years and thousands of students later, he has packaged the process and and offers it up to you!

Through workshops, webinars, speaking on stages, online courses and on his weekly entrepreneur radio show, he shares the secrets of retiring early and living a life of financial freedom and purpose!

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* Note: There will be no other "assistant" trainers taking over. The entire course will be run by Stacy N Henderson.

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To Register

  •  Access to the worksheet

  • How to fill in the worksheet with the best ideas and info, straight out of your head

  • How to use your results to uncover a way you can start to help a specific person with a specific problem that you love to solve

  • How to begin to make money doing the thing you love to do, for the people who love you to do it!

  • Top 10 mistakes people make

  • PRO tips to help you succeed




Per Ticket

  • Full Day Workshop

  • See inside the digital entrepreneur world

  • Complete the Niche Matrix and get clarity on which path to take

  • Peer review of your results and selection of best option

  • The specific steps you should take to go live and launch your new business

  • Identify your ideal customer and why they would pay you

  • Design your problem and promise so that you can start your marketing

  • Small and intimate groups of very smart people keen to help you win!




Per Week

  • Work directly with Stacy

  • Bespoke niche design and development strategy

  • Weekly 1:1 sessions

  • Recorded Zoom meetings that you can watch again and again in your own membership site.

  • 24/7 email access

  • Private VIP group access

  • Complete the work fast

  • Minimum 12 week program

  • Includes Design Your Life

  • Includes Master Your Money


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