Working Happily From Home Has Never Been So Important 

Join one of our entrepreneur communities in serviced properties and lock in a smooth ride to the other side of the great lock down of 2020.


Launch your business, master your money and build a life you love, with Entraccom

A Startup and Innovation company with roots in share housing? Perfect. 
Since our inception in 2008, we've helped dozens of long term tenants build better lives and better businesses with our serviced share housing system.

The time has come for us to invite more people into our tribe. Could it be you?

Photo: Entraccom Breakfast. April 2015, Bondi Junction.

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What Makes Entraccom So Special?

With over 12 years experience in managing large houses, buildings and growing entrepreneurial communities, these are only some of the features that make us the best at what we do.

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Professional cleaner comes as standard

Every house has a professional cleaner who cleans all common spaces once a week. Keeping your property asset in good shape for longer.

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Money management and banking system

Our operating costs are tracked and automated. We're never late on rent and take pride in being perfect with our payments.

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Professional communication

We see you as a business partner. You will enjoy clear and timely communication with us at all times.

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Our comprehensive share house agreement

10 years of refinement. Our house agreement ensures everyone in the house or building is ‘on the same page’. We have guidelines that ensure all invested parties are happy.

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housemate marketing system that wins

Our advertising attracts the best. Our ads have been highly successful on Gumtree, Facebook and the biggest paid flatmate search websites for years, giving us greater choice and better communities.

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Our online community and coaching platform

Our communities thrive on personal growth. We assist our tenants in starting businesses, managing money and living a better life. This creates a positive impact on your community.

The Future Of Entrepreneur Accommodation

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For Owners Looking To List Their Property

This is your chance to secure a stable long term tenant with a proven first class track record.

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For People Looking For An Entraccom Room

Join your favorite Entraccom house and be surrounded by like minded, intelligent entrepreneurs. 

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A Win-Win For All Parties

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Our Residents

We provide a productive and harmonious home for people with shared values and interests... who all like to discuss business over breakfast!

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Local Community

We attract intelligent entrepreneurs to your area, increasing property values and building stability and trust with your neighbours.

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Property Owners

We are a long term, stable, premium tenant with an interest in improving your property presentation and value.

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With us, agents are optional. We offer 1st class communication and payments direct to you or your agent as you wish.


List your Property With Us

If you are the private owner of a building that fits our requirements, then lets talk. We can wait for your existing tenants to vacate, so getting started now works well for everyone.


A solution for residential properties with 6 to 24 rooms under one roof.

If you're looking for one long term tenant with an interest in increasing the value of your property while paying good rent, then you're in the right place! 

We offer a long term solution for residential property owners with 6 to 24 rooms under one roof:

  • Large houses with at least 6 bedrooms 
  • Mixed use residential / commercia
  • Small blocks of 3-4 bedroom apartments.

We offer 1 to 3+ year contracts with flexible terms 

We understand your needs as an owner. We've been looking after people like you for over 10 years.

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Our key demographics

Entraccom attracts small business owners and blue and white collar professionals with an income range from $85 kpa to $120kpa. 

  • We have a one person per room policy.
  • Most tenants tend to have a healthy and active lifestyle with a focus on career and asset development.
  • Our average age is currently 31 with a 50 / 50 split of guys to girls.  

To ensure we attract the best housemates, we are driven to keep your property clean, maintained and well presented at all times. 

We want our tenants to love it so much they never move out. We want you to love us so much you never want us to move out. And we all want to be proud of where we call home.

Our Mission

Our mission is to take the stresses out of share house living for the millions of young and vibrant adults in Australia who choose to live together. 

We strive to eliminate countless shared living friction points that cause unnecessary pain and confrontation amongst friends who would prefer to cooperate and thrive together. 

We aim to teach entrepreneurialism through the vehicle of ‘share house management as a small business’ via our leadership, bookkeeping, marketing and property management training platform.

  • This helps the environment.
  • It helps keep costs down.
  • It creates a win, win for all parties involved.
  • But most importantly, it’s great for the community a the mental health of our members.
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List Your Property With Us

If you are the private owner of a building that fits our requirements, then lets talk. We can wait for your existing tenants to vacate, so getting started now works well for everyone.


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All The Details And Frequently Asked Questions

This is a few of the things that we've discovered assist us in creating the perfect shared living community for high caliber people.

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