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Don’t be “The Carpark Guy”


I once worked at an architecture firm for a couple of years. 

I remember this time that we got a hot new architect, straight out of Uni.

He was highly regarded as being super good at architecture… So the company was really excited to put him to the test. 

One of their biggest clients needed a car park designed and built next to one of their large government facilities. It had to be a big and glorious carpark, for whatever reason.

So the new kid got his big shot. 
“Design us the best car park in the city kid!”

So he did.

And it was glorious! The best! It was paraded through the industry media and the kid became a carpark celebrity.


So our firm became known for carparks….
And the kid? Well he became the car park guy, of course.

Top in the class. The most promising of the students in his year! Destined for great things and a life of architectural fame and glory.


He became the car park guy.
It ain’t quite what he had in mind.


So what's your carpark story?

Did you slip into a niche that you didn’t really want? Did you say yes to a job, simply because you felt you had to, only to find that it's shaped your life ever since?

Well you’re not alone. 

Apparently 80 something percent of all corporate employees are unhappy with their roles. Something has to change.
So here at POVAR, we are doing our part to help people realign their careers and businesses to match their true inner values.


Is it time you redesigned your life?

Is it time you started over and took advantage of 2020’s latest niche choosing technology to take a fresh aim at what's possible for you in the years to come?

Well there’s an 80 something percent chance that this is the right step for you.


Will you take the leap?


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