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One Thing Per Day

design your life Oct 20, 2015

A dear friend of mine just started converting his black and white resume to a Facebook page. He is 34 years old and has no assets to his name. He has actually been a great chef for 20 years so his career is a massive asset – to those who are aware of it anyway.

Yesterday he started building his first asset in that Facebook page. He spent about two hours on it; uploading photos of the places he has worked, writing job summaries and defining what he has to offer.

This morning he is smiling and holding his head high – he even made his bed for the first time in years. Yesterday was a significant day for him and the work he did will last forever, as intellectual property, as an asset – his first asset at the age of 34.

Many of the top success books suggest doing one thing per day that builds toward you having a better future. The definition of that ‘one thing’ is flexible and changes in magnitude as the state of your life fluctuates. The habit of doing one thing that counts toward your future can work wonders in the long run. Success in life is a tortoise and hare game and, as in the story, it’s the slowly and steadily approach that wins.

The best thing about this magical habit is that once that thing (whatever it is for the day) is done then you can relax and take the rest of the day off! Amazing idea huh!?

Sometimes it’s a single email. Sometimes its listing a property for sale. Sometimes it’s visiting an awesome place for that amazing photo. Sometimes it’s a coffee meeting with a potential staff member or joint venture partner. Sometimes it’s a special dinner with your wife or mother. They all count toward building a rich and happy future and they all make the ‘future you’ grateful when you look back.

Thats kind of the essence of a good life really. Do you ever say out loud to yourself “thanks old Stacy!” or something to that extent? “Thanks for doing that thing that has now caused me to have this or that?” Now thats what I’m talking about… Working for the future you, on a daily basis. This is one of the key secrets of the healthy, happy and wise.

What is the best use of your time right now? What can you do today that is going to make the future you grateful? Who can you contact? What can you write down? Who can you help or serve in your life?

All of these things become assets. They build a profile, they create momentum, they make your life richer and make you into a better person each time.

The more you do today toward your ‘Ideal Day’ five years from now, the better you will feel when you lay your head on the pillow tonight. We’ve all had those days where we end the day on a high having worked on something significant. Why not have that joyful proud feeling every day?

Think about it… It’s just a habit away…
Do something today.

With Love



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