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How Making Your Bed Can Make You Rich

7da design your life habits Mar 18, 2020

Have you ever said you were going to do something and then not done it?

I know the answer is yes.

It is yes for everyone, including you.

Integrity is the top quality of every leader the world has ever had. To do what we say we are going to do is the most valuable quality anyone can develop. I say develop because out in the real world, the typical benchmark of integrity sits at less than 50%.

If I was to do more than half of the stuff that I said I would have done in the past, I would be in...

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How to Change the World with Business

design your life niche Mar 18, 2020

Ever thought of starting your own business?

I believe that is the most effective way many of us can contribute to the world.

If you’ve come to a point in your life where you really know who you are and what you believe in – then there is no better way out there for you to make your mark than to install those values into your own personal business model.

As Sir Richard Branson put it: “If every single business could find their niche in the world where they want...

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Don’t be “The Carpark Guy”


I once worked at an architecture firm for a couple of years. 

I remember this time that we got a hot new architect, straight out of Uni.

He was highly regarded as being super good at architecture… So the company was really excited to put him to the test. 

One of their biggest clients needed a car park designed and built next to one of their large government facilities. It had to be a big and glorious carpark, for whatever reason.

So the new kid got his big shot. 

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The Power Of Daily Agreements


  • Want an amazing life?
  • Want to believe that you can do anything?
  • How about being so 'tuned in' that you have the ability to change the world forever?

Well I've got great news for you! 

You can do and have all that - and there's only one little thing you need to learn to do...

Daily agreements. That's all it takes.


Ok I confess. It's not that little.
Actually it's probably the biggest thing there is in a person's life. Like really, there's nothing bigger. Nor is there...

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Uncategorized Nov 04, 2015

As I lay here propped up in my hospital bed with stitches through my belly, gratitude shines through as by far the word of the day.

Yesterday I started meditating at 9am (yes it’s great to work from home and do what I like on a Tuesday morning).

After about 5 minutes of sitting in posture I started to feel a sharp pain in my lower stomach area. I won’t go into how the day evolved but I will happily say that yesterday was by far the most painful and horrifying day of my life. I...

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One Thing Per Day

design your life Oct 20, 2015

A dear friend of mine just started converting his black and white resume to a Facebook page. He is 34 years old and has no assets to his name. He has actually been a great chef for 20 years so his career is a massive asset – to those who are aware of it anyway.

Yesterday he started building his first asset in that Facebook page. He spent about two hours on it; uploading photos of the places he has worked, writing job summaries and defining what he has to offer.

This morning he is...

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