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Become A Digital Entrepreneur

Design, validate, launch and scale your own range of products and services that you can sell online.

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Accelerate your entrepreneur journey! Get CLARITY and DIRECTION for the years ahead.


Point of View → Actions → Results (POVAR)

We assist you in the design and creation of more meaning and a better lifestyle. We help you audit, refine and leverage what you already have to offer the world.


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We Have Three Simple Steps To Accelerate Your Entrepreneur Journey

#1. Discover Your Niche

Find the most exciting and profitable opportunity for you in 2020.


#2. Design Your Life

Get clarity on your goals and direction for your entrepreneur journey ahead.


#3. Start Your Business

Catapult your life with our super lean, ultra low cost business validation program.


How We Help

POVAR is here to assist you in the design and creation of a life that has more meaning and a better lifestyle.

We guide our clients through a life design process that focuses on 3 key areas:

  1. Maximising your happiness with a purpose based business
  2. Designing an inspiring life of opportunities and adventure
  3. Making and keeping good money to offer you a life of security and choices

What We Do

Our three key areas of expertise are:

  1. We assist you in identifying the best direction for your career or business with our Niche Matrix process.
  2. Our legendary Design Your Life process will reveal your ideal future AND the path to attain it.
  3. Following on from these two transformational breakthroughs, many of our clients desire starting their first (or new) lifestyle business. We assist you in that phase too.

How We Do It

We offer life improvement products, services and training events that are designed to be accessible to everyone.

We give you a free start with our offerings. We gift many of our best tools as the forefront of our marketing strategy. 

Take a look at our Store page to see the extent of our online courses, workshops, retreats and 1:1 programs.

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Discover Your Niche And Get Clarity On Your Why

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